Security Policy

All data registered online is held on a cloud system provided by Tigerfish(TF). Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer’s systems and data is of the utmost importance to TF, as is maintaining trust and confidence.

Specifically, TF physical and operational security processes are described for network and infrastructure under TF’s management, as well as
service-specific security implementations. This document provides an overview of security as it pertains to the following areas relevant to TF:

Physical Server Security/Benefits

The TF server is based in slough. A three-metre-tall perimeter fence, more than 25 CCTV cameras, electronic access control systems and 24/7 personnel are all part of our security arsenal.

Security Features

Backup Generators

The slough location for the TF servers power needs are protected by a 2N power management and backup generators. This means in the event of power failure the server and its attached network devices would continue to run and guarantee the websites availability and security.

Fire/Arson Security

In the unlikely event of a fire in the data centre, the INERGEN fire suppression system will kick into action. Deeply effective, it’s been specially designed for use in data centre environments. It won’t damage hardware or infrastructure when it’s deployed. Plus, it doesn’t create toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment.


The slough data centre uses the latest cold aisle containment technology to regulate the temperature and humidity around the TF server. Cool air is delivered to the ‘cold aisle’ through raised flooring. The TF server then draws in the cool air and releases it into a ‘hot aisle’ behind it where the air is then recycled.

Renewable Power

The slough data centre is powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind sources. This means our website runs on 100% renewable energy.


Backups of the website are made on a daily basis and stored in a backup server in the slough location. Due to the fire system in place there is no need for there to be an additional external backup. Backups of the website are kept for 30 days.

Server Security

TF Server access is currently protected by ConfigServer Security & Firewall which not only monitors the server itself but also monitors all open ports and external connections.

Each client on the server is separated from one another using WHM and cPanel. This stops the ability for content from each account from being accessed by another account. WHM, cPanel and all other software is updated as soon as a new version or security updates are available The server itself is also patched on the immediate release of security updates to reduce the servers security threats from hacking or software vulnerabilities.

Network Security

The network that the TF server is attached to is protected by network-level anti-DDoS systems. These systems are in place to prevent hackers from running denial of service attacks on the server or to prevent denial of service attacks to other servers in the data centre affecting the TF server.

Network hardware like the TF server are patched and updated regularly by the data centre team to minimise the threat from hackers and outside sources.

All connections to the TF server are encrypted as standard using a Go Daddy SSL certificate. This means any data transferred from your browser to the website will be encrypted and when extracting your data from the server this information will also be encrypted. This fully reduces the ability for data to be intercepted during transmission.